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Nevada laws on alimony are very subjective. That is, in evaluating alimony, the courts look at each case differently. The courts have discretion on whether or not to award spousal support. When they do, they also have the power to determine the amount and duration. Judges may take into account a range of factors when making their decisions, including the age of the parties, length of the marriage, job history, education and ability to earn an income.

Whether you are petitioning to receive alimony or are fighting against paying it, there are smart choices you can make when presenting your arguments. In order to best represent your position, however, it is vital to retain a qualified family law attorney.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is the financial support an ex-spouse with a lower income receives from an ex-spouse with a higher income. These payments can take place during the divorce, as well as after the divorce is finalized. At Standish Law Group, we help educate our clients on all options regarding spousal support opportunities and complexities. Our lawyers understand how to assess alimony in relation to all relevant issues such as property division and taxable income. We find creative solutions that help protect our clients’ financial well-being and children.
Types of alimony that may affect your case include:

  • Rehabilitative alimony: For use in obtaining a college education or specialized training in order to be able to support oneself.
  • Temporary alimony: Spousal support received while the divorce case is pending.
  • Permanent alimony: Spousal support post-divorce. Not necessarily for life.


Each case is different, and current lifestyles and circumstances can dictate alimony payouts. Our lawyers understand what type of evidence may be necessary to best support petitions for alimony and petitions against it. While we handle many straightforward alimony matters, we also have vast experience at addressing complex cases such as those involving hidden assets, investments such as stock options, business owners, and much more.