Resolving complex issues in your divorce

The majority of divorce and legal separation matters are contested, or at least have some issues that the parties cannot agree upon. In these cases, it is essential for your law firm to orchestrate the best support possible for your position. At Standish Law Group, we have established relationships with leading experts and specialists to […]

Planning Your Divorce

Advanced Planning Often Leads to  Better Results In the great majority of cases, divorce is a decision that comes from months or years of consideration. If you have thought about divorce but are not yet sure, or if the timing isn’t right, there are still other things you can do now to protect your assets […]

Property division

At Standish Law Group, we focus solely on family law, and our attorneys have the advanced experience to handle the most complex property division issues. We understand that your financial future depends on receiving a fair division of the marital assets. Our attorneys will do everything in their power to maximize your award and protect […]


Nevada laws on alimony are very subjective. That is, in evaluating alimony, the courts look at each case differently. The courts have discretion on whether or not to award spousal support. When they do, they also have the power to determine the amount and duration. Judges may take into account a range of factors when […]

High-Asset Divorce Cases

Divorces are never easy. Your situation can get complicated quickly, particularly when a couple has substantial assets or wealth. In these types of cases, experience is your greatest advantage. At Standish Law Group, your case will be handled by an entire team of skilled attorneys and legal professionals with vast experience and expertise. We can […]

Divorce mediation

During mediation, both parties will meet with a third-party neutral person called a mediator. The mediator is there to facilitate conversations regarding any divorce issues which the couple cannot agree upon such as child custody, property division and alimony. The mediator does not take sides. Depending on your preferences, your attorney may or may not […]